perabeats media club, which was initially formed to encourage the university sports, has been constantly expanding its horizons with innovative creativity throughout the past few years. Open Day is the first big project organized by perabeats in 2018. In addition to the perabeats life and perabeats insight, that also are recent developments of perabeats, focusing on providing media coverage to academic events and aesthetic events in the university , its most recent creative delivery is, the project; perabeats GO. perabeats reached a great milestone with the formation of perabeats GO. With its amateur attempt to inspire the determined leaders and future intellectuals of the University, perabeats launched their latest project ‘perabeats GO’, which marked a great turning point in the success journey of perabeats.


Captures moment

Captures’19 is a joint project organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya in collaboration with perabeats. Sponsored by Canon Metropolitan. It is a photographic competition which is open to both university and school students.  2 categories under the themes of open colour and open monochrome are open for school level contestants. 5 categories are open for university level contestants under the themes Uni life, Wild life, Street, Sports and Open. There is also a mobile photography category open for both school and university students. The competition will be open till 14th June 2019.

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Open Day

Open day

perabeats open day will be held on 29th June 2019 for the second consecutive time which will be open for all the undergraduates of University of Peradeniya who are interested and passionate in photography.  The main objective of this year’s workshop is to encourage young photographers to improve their photographic skills and learn new techniques. There will be professionals with their expertise to guide all the participants to brush up their skills and also to clarify the issues they have regarding photography.

perabeats GO

Go logo

perabeats GO is initiated with the objective of providing a platform to encourage the leadership qualities of the emerging young blood of perabeats. Therefore, under this project skilled individuals are chosen and are given different responsibilities, mainly with two aims; firstly to do something beneficial and remembered to the university and secondly, to improve the group skills, problem solving abilities etc.: in these youngsters to be beneficial in their lives. The groups are given specific targets to achieve, that encourage group participation and good organization abilities.


A day with war heroes at Senepura Army Camp

Expanding its boundaries beyond the academics and sports in the university, perabeats has also reached to the sphere of social charity work, with our friendly visit to the Senapura Veterans’ Home, Anuradhapura to meet the forgotten heroes, who had made dire sacrifices in the battlefield to maintain the peace and harmony in the country. Thus, it becomes evidently clear that perabeats, which was instigated as a mere media society, has now creatively and boldly made novel movements to expand its territories beyond the expectations and is also looking forward to expand more.