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University of Peradeniya provides an exclusive platform to all the students and the staff to engage in multiple sports activities. The university caters for indoor as well as outdoor sports. Volleyball courts, 400 meters Cinder Track for athletics and outdoor courts for Softball Cricket, Baseball and Elle can be highlighted as the ideal facilities for engaging in sports actively.
One of the largest gymnasiums in Sri Lanka is located in University of Peradeniya, which provides facilities for, indoor sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Car4om, Chess, Netball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Taekwondo and other martial arts. The 50 meters Swimming Pool stands majestically next to the gymnasium.

The serene vista that surrounds the university invigorates the spirit both mentally and physically to take part in these sports. The grounds are located in a picturesque atmosphere that uplifts the grandeur of the Peradeniya University.

The head of Physical Education Unit is the Director of Physical Education who administers the provision of these facilities and conducts various type of sport activities for student and the staff. Faculty level, Inter University Level competitions and sport programs are conducted annually. The unit consists of a highly experienced staff, which includes more than 5 permanent Physical Education Instructors and 20 staff members. Other than the permanent staff members, part time instructors also extend their service to improve the skills of the players of the university.
Presently, 24 sports disciplines are conducted under the Physical Education Unit. The unit also organizes the Colors Night, the most glamorous ceremony of the university, where sports men and women who excelled at games are recognized for their exceptional talents. The university provides an eminent exposure to all the athletes to harness their talents to batter methods and techniques of the games and meet other University students, national and international players during their undergraduate period. The financial support rendered by the university, is indeed a prestigious opportunity to all the talented athletes to bring fame to mother Lanka. The students’ body which coordinates the sporting activities within the University is called the sports council and consists of all Captains and Vice Captains of games available in the university

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Message from the Director of Physical Education

I am very pleased to say that I am quite happy about the role of the “PERABEATS” media group that has been executing at the moment in disseminating information on sports and other student activities to the world through their social media. Through this committed activities, updated information on these important events could be accessed by the interested parties. From its inception, PERABEATS has done yeomen service in providing sports news to the society and thereby giving opportunity to popularize and encouraging sports activities among the undergraduates. I strongly believe that the knowledge acquired by the “PERABEATS” crew in handling media will be a great experience in molding their personality and will be added advantage for their career profiles. We highly appreciate the service given by the “PERABEATS” in the last couple of years, especially covering the Inter University Championships facing lot of difficulties. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all the hard works done on behalf of developing the Sports at University of Peradeniya. I wish good luck for “PERABEATS” future endeavors. MD Palitha Kumara Director of Physical Education

MD Palitha Kumara
Director of Physical Education
Palitha Kumara Maddage

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