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perabeats is the official media partner of University of Peradeniya which mainly founded to inspire the players to uplift the spirit by spreading and promoting sports among university students and broadcast the talents of university sportsmen and sportswomen. Us, the Perabeats crew has been the official media partner in every sport event played by university sport team. And also, we inspire and uplift university sports in SLUG , PSL , Colors night, IUG and etc.

perabeats also attempt to promote the taste for photography, videography, graphic designing and editing by providing a proper training and media literacy to the undergraduates of University of Peradeniya. Moreover, to enhance the skills of the crew members, we conduct sessions and workshops on photography, videography, graphic designing and editing.

perabeats gained its wide popularity with Perabeats life and Perabeats Insights and we cope with Engineering Students’ Publication Society and Science Reporter.

As an official media club, Perabeats reach the public through social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and have thus created a unique identity in the cyber space.

Altogether, we aspire to become the leading sports media provider among Sri Lankan universities and our prominent aim is to promote sports; and thereby to glorify University of Peradeniya.

Perabeats was founded with the purpose of inspiring sports among university students. Since then, the society has been there to provide media coverage for every sport event conduct within university and beyond. Perabeats provides a simple photograph of a player to a full live stream media coverage from social media promotions to premium media publicity for every sport. Perabeats facebook page, instagram, YouTube and perabeatslive twitter page provide accurate, efficient and real time sports updates in every sport event.

Perabeats is blessed with members with sheer will, commitment and dedication towards their achievements while making mother University of Peradeniya proud and glorious among society. Today, every university sportsman around sri lanka knows the name ‘perabeats’ and they look forward to have the fastest and the best media coverage for their sport event regardless the university. A prime example is that perabeats was invited to cover the Colors Awarding Ceremony of SLUSA in 2018.

Perabeats has indeed become successful in short period of time while facing obstacles and made a big competition. Yet still the blessings of intelligent directions and continuous, tireless commitments, perabeats has reached the top of the competition and expects to go far and beyond.

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