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Founder of perabeats under Sports Council

It was a dream that has been prevailing for many years. In the past when we came to university, the Sri Lankan University Sports was powered by “Moraspirit” group. Since 2009, it was a heartfelt dream of ours to start such media group in the University of peradeniya, yet no one took the initial step. Even when we came back after winning SLUG, in all three years it was Moraspirit site, who interviewed us. During the last year of my University life, I became the President of the sports council. By now the dream that has been long hidden in my heart had become much greater and I got to work with the people who had the same passion. Krishan Jayawardana, Dulanja Subodhana, Bhasuru Gunathilake, Madush Malan and Manna Uthum joined hands with me in making our dream reality. By that time Moraspirit had become the giant piller in the field of University games. We just couldn’t even imagine going up against them. Yet we never gave up hope.

Krishan knew how to make websites. Subodhana was student from computer engineering, both of them were team members of the basketball team. They started this project yet there was the need of financial support. As I was the president of the sports council back then, I carried out various projects and started to promote “pera beats” with the money collected. It was presented as a project of the Council. The greatest problem we had from the beginning is the need of a good photographer. One night, while I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across some breathtaking photos of our University which was captured by an elder brother, Upul Pallekumbura. He had Brilliant ideas and craze to take photos. I had a chat with him in FB and to him for our project. Later our website became more famous due to the talent of Upul Pallekumbura.Since he was a friend whom I met during chess in childhood,  it was easier to work with him. The other problem we had was, the need of article writers. We were fully inexperienced in the field, yet we somehow made a website and started our journey. The name ” pera beats” was invented by me, it meant the Heartbeat of our peradeniya. And our slogan was ” feel the beat of the lion’s heart”. However the launched our website in 2012, may 09th in the Colors Night. It was launched by former VC of University of Peradeniya, Prof. S.B.S. Abeykoon. 

We felt if we repaid our mother peradeniya who gave rise to many national level players through all the years. Yet the hardest part wasn’t still Over. As I said, it was a difficult task to find article writers. Somehow we found some with great difficulty. At this moment Pramuditha Perera did a great work. Due to political divisions in the university, the students were divided into two groups and yet it was not quite possible to get hold of the best English writers. As we somehow got that part done, the unity of our photographers and the team of perabeats helped us to get updates quicker than other media bodies. We also had a great help from other universities as well. Within a few months we were able to gain a much greater fame than others, but due to the academic strikes and minor staff strikes in 2012 we lost a lot. Even though I left the university at the end of 2012, I was so happy because we did the memorable thing that will last for years. Afterwards Subodhana got the responsibility of perabeats. 

The name perabeats and the first Moto were my ideas. The site was done by Krishan Jayawardana and Dulanja Subodhana. The photographers were handled by Upul Pallekumbura. Thilina Dissanayake, Pulasthi Basnayake and Tharaja Palihawadana supported Upul a lot. Pramuditha Perera and Kithmini Kehelpannala put a great effort on writing articles in the site. Finally I should say that all people who did sports those days did a lot of work to build up perabeats. Today I would like to share this happiness with all of them. The dream that had been prevailing in our hearts for many years came out as a result of the team spirit. 

Rajeendra Kalugampitiya 

Founder of perabeats Under Sports Council

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