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Project perabeats life was established in late 2016 with the intention of providing a platform for the society members to harness their aesthetic skills while exposing the unique university experience of the Pera undergraduate to the outside world. The facebook page, perabeats life provides a platform for theperabeats crew to display their talents, learn. improve and also to enlighten the society about the unique life of the undergraduates of the university.

Project Perabeats life has remarkably achieved its purpose and hence today, each and every cultural, social and aesthetic event of the university is promoted, covered, published and given publicity by the Perabeats society.

Over the past two years, Perabeats life successfully covered musical shows such as Awarjana, sathsara Anurawa, Pehesarani, Wasanthaye aga, dramas, theater performances, get togethers, concerts, talent shows, cultural events and many otherfunctions which add colour to the university life.

Also, Perbeats life has opened up an avenue for the budding undergraduate poets to exhibit their talents through the facebook page. Perabeats crew members have been able to enrich their creativity and build their personality through their qualititative and competitive contribution to the progress of the project Perabeats life. Without a doubt. perabeats life has proved itself to be the most loved as well as the most trusted platform which innovatively showcases the unique university life at Pera to the university community and to everyone else who love Pera.

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