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Being the best among the pinnacle ranking universities in Sri Lanka with highly diverse academic paths, University of Peradeniya conducts many research and development projects and presents thesis and engineering marvels to the country as novel creations. It conducts highly resourced academic courses with various academic related seminars, conference events, workshops, tech talks, exhibitions, symposiums and many other activities within the university every year. Project perabeats INSIGHTS was established to provide publicity to these events to meet the society and to gain the interests of concerned parties.

The recent Diamond Jubilee Inauguration Ceremony of University of Peradeniya was live streamed via social media as a front step in media coverage and the society embraced it with much attention and enthusiasm. Moreover, the recent project symposium, exhibitions and conference events and many other events were backed by the media coverage of Perabeats INSIGHTS and they added value to mother Pera and caught the eye of the outer society and industry as well. Importantly, the General Convocation Ceremony photo album and the associated article reached far and wide in social media captivating the eyes of hundreds of thousands.

perabeats INSIGHTS is the perfect platform where the true colors of the university are exhibited while holding the pride and unique reputation of mother Pera exalt in the media industry.

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