University of Peradeniya
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Renowned as the first engineering faculty established in Sri Lanka, Faculty of Engineering of University of Peradeniya stands in excellence since 1950. The Faculty of Engineering is considered to be one of the eight faculties and was originally founded in 1950 as a part of University of Ceylon. Presently, the Engineering faculty consists of eight departments, namely, Department of Chemical & Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic, Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management.

The Engineering faculty also consists several fundamental units that carry out certain essential functions such as, CERPS – Center for Engineering Research and Postgraduate Studies Computing Center, Engineering Education Unit, National Engineering Design Center, Engineering and Technology Center, Engineering Workshops, Electronic Workshop and Motor Vehicle Repair Unit.    

The Department of Chemical & Process Engineering functions steadfastly with a firm vision to excel in sustainable chemical and process engineering knowledge and practice. Further the department functions with a determination to cater sustainable technological solutions to advance processing and related industries at the rural, national and international levels.  Enthusiastic students together with their well-qualified academic staff have engaged in research crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The Department of Civil Engineering is renowned as the oldest of its category with a history of 65 years. The Department caters to around 150 students among the 420 students who enter the Engineering faculty. The academic staff actively engage in research and development activities which are supported by local and foreign funding agencies. The department has a strong relationship with the industry and utilizes their services in curriculum development and the teaching programs in order to produce Civil Engineering graduates of the highest standard.

The Department of Computer Engineering was established in 1985 and is considered as the most recently established department. However, it is considered as the oldest Computer Engineering Department to be established in the University system of the country.  The graduates of this field are highly sought after by local as well as foreign employers. The highly qualified academic professionals teach the details of the latest technology to facilitate students with the latest in-demand skills.

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, provides a comprehensive knowledge on areas like communication and information engineering, power energy systems and high voltage engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering and control robotics and automation engineering. The department, with the very talented and qualified staff have designed to equip the students with a sound knowledge and understanding of all the sub disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering.

The Department of Engineering Mathematics which was established in 1965, strives to be the global center of excellence in engineering related multidisciplinary studies and research. This department had the honor of accommodating eminent personalities such as Prof. E.F. Bathelomeuz (first Professor of Engineering Mathematics in Sri Lanka), Late Prof. T.D.M.A. Sameul and Prof. S.B. Siyambalapitiya. The department staff play an active role in research areas. Further, an emphasis is given to applicable mathematics, in the sense of utilizing mathematical techniques for applications in problems specific to a developing country.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest and fully equipped departments in the mechanical engineering sector. All the theories taught to the students are backed by practical work in the laboratories and by exercises in design by well-qualified academic professionals. The department provides a vast knowledge to equip the students with a sound understanding of the mechanical engineering sciences.

The Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering consists of diverse disciplines such as design, robotics, systems engineering, automation, mechatronics, sustainable engineering, manufacturing, operations management etc. The department was first established in 1976 as the Department of Production Engineering. Up to now, with the help of the qualified academic professionals over 1000 graduates have graduated with specialization in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering.

The general annual output of graduates from the engineering departments now stands at 3526 and the number of professorial chairs in the Faculty is eleven. The Engineering faculty offers a four-year full-time program leading to the Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering (BScEng). This faculty is renowned to equip present and future generations with skills and attitudes to attain competence as professional engineers and to enhance the lives of the mankind.