University of Peradeniya
Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya is one of the oldest Agriculture faculties which was established in 1947 with an initial batch of 16. Faculty operates in two locations as main administration buildings are situated in the main campus of University of Peradeniya and a separate sub-campus is located in Mahailuppallama, established 1968.

Agriculture faculty owns its own livestock field station located at Mawela. It serves undergraduate training and research. The station maintains European dairy cattle, buffaloes, broilers, swine, ducks, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and micro livestock. An experimental station is located at Dodangolla which occupies 83 hectares of productive land. The Department of Agricultural Engineering maintains a farm at Meewathura, by the Mahaweli River. All these farms and livestock field stations aid undergraduates by improving their knowledge and training themselves to be successful in their future.

As a contribution to the higher education in agriculture in the university system, the Faculty of Agriculture at University of Peradeniya developed into a well-developed Faculty with eight departments of study, namely Agricultural Biology,Agricultural Economics and Business Management, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Extension, Animal Science, Crop Science,Food Science and Technology, and Soil Science. B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Technology & Management, B.Sc. Degree in Food Science & Technology, B.Sc. Animal Science and Fisheries programs are conducted in the Faculty of Agriculture.

The curriculum of the B.Sc. Agriculture degree program was revised periodically to suit the changing needs of the agricultural sector and the transformations taking place in the global academic arena.

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