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Perabeats is the official media partner of university of Peradeniya which mainly founded to inspire the players to uplift the spirit by spreading and promoting sports among university students and broadcast the talents of university sportsmen and sportswomen. Us, the Perabeats crew has been the official media partner in every sport event played by university sport team. And also, we inspire and uplift university sports in SLUG , PSL , Colors night, IUG and etc..

Perabeats also attempt to promote the taste for photography, videography, graphic designing and editing by providing a proper training and media literacy to the undergraduates of University of Peradeniya. Moreover, to enhance the skills of the crew members, we conduct sessions and workshops on photography, videography, graphic designing and editing.

Perabeats gained its wide popularity with Perabeats life and Perabeats Insights and we cope with Engineering Students’ Publication Society and Science Reporter. Perabeats reach the public through social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and have thus created a unique identity in the cyberspace.

Altogether, we aspire to become the leading sports media provider among Sri Lankan universities and our prominent aim is to promote sports; and thereby glorify University of Peradeniya.

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Founders of perabeats

Maneesh wickramasuriya

Founder of Perabeats
Media Society

Sameera Abeysuriya

Co-Founder of Perabeats
Media Society

Naindu liyanage

Co-Founder of Perabeats
Media Society

perabeats commitee 2019

perabeats committee-2019

President of perabeats Media Society 2016
Maneesh Wickramasuriya.

*Revitalizing perabeats*
My Perabeats story began as a photographer in the year 2014. Those days, I was an enthusiastic photographer from Faculty of Engineering Student Publication Society (ESPS). During that time, I got a great opportunity to contribute for perabeats as a photographer. Those days’ perabeats was not a society but it was part of media and photography division which operated under the supervision of Sports Council of University of Peradeniya. In the year 2014, Dulanjana Subodana was the president of University Sport Counsil and also the captain of basketball team.

Maneesh Wickramasuriya
Maneesh Wickramasooriya

President of perabeats Media Society 2017
Pasindu Perera

2017 was a challenging year for perabeats. It was the second phase of the great transformation which began in 2016. Forged with the spirit of 2016 crew members, perabeats saw the need of fresh heads full of creativity and inspiration. After SLUG 2016, this is the first year we are bringing full media coverage for Inter University Games. Even though SLUG is held in one location in one month, Inter University Games are conducted throughout various locations spanning for several months.

Pasindu Perera

President of perabeats Media Society 2018
Ruchira Madushan

2018 was an unforgettable and a remarkable year for Perabeats. perabeats had to face its next phase during this period. The family then was quite stable. We had an energetic family from almost all the faculties in the University, but compared to the previous years the workload was heavy because at that time perabeats was a name quite known by everybody not only among students but also among most of the academic staff. At that time, perabeats was the main media body of the University of Peradeniya giving coverage for almost all the events in the University ranging from Sports, Academic events and Aesthetic events. During this phase creativity and innovative ideas was in need for perabeats. This time we were in need with people with the passion to do something new or to be skillful enough to think out of the box.

Ruchira Madushan
Gathering 2017 of Perabeats Family