Skin walker ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch


As the clock struck midnight, a chilling mystery began to unfold in the old mansion on the hill. Read this chilling mystery tale before the night claims you, as shadows dance with secrets and the unknown beckons in the silence. Venture into a world where every paragraph unravels a new layer of suspense, and the mystery grips your imagination tighter with each passing line. Dare to explore the enigmatic realms of this story before you surrender to the embrace of sleep, for within its words lies an adventure that refuses to let go, even in the quietest hours of the night.

In 1994, the unsuspecting Sherman family innocently purchased a ranch, living peacefully for their animals. Little did they know, a sinister aura enveloped the place. The once peaceful house, guarded by a towering gate, would soon unveil chilling mysteries. Strange sounds heard sound like a horror movie.

One scary night, Terry Sherman goes outside upon hearing an unusual noise and is met with the shocking sight of an unusually large wolf in his yard. In a desperate attempt to defend, Terry fired his gun, but the bullets proved futile. The wolf vanished into thin air, leaving no trace.

That scary event kept them frightened for many nights. A few days later, on a sunny day, Terry walked around the farm. Suddenly, he stopped and felt shocked. There was a dead cow with no blood around, and it looked damaged. This strange and scary thing kept happening with the cows, making Sherman’s family very scared and the nightmare persisted flashing lights, mysterious objects in the sky, strange circles in the fields, and eerie voices overhead. The horror culminated in countless cattle mutilations.

After enduring two years of unrelenting fear, Terry decided to sell the ranch. This once idyllic place became infamous as the Skinwalker Ranch, a 512-acre property southeast of Ballard, Utah, known for paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its ominous reputation stems from Navajo legend, associating it with vengeful shamans.

As for the post-1996 fate of the ranch, the unsettling question lingers! Who would be stupid enough to buy a haunted ranch? Naturally, it takes someone with significant wealth and a specific interest in such matters. Robert Bigelow exemplified this perfectly. In 1995, he established the National Institute for Discovery Science to support investigations into UFOs and the paranormal. The Sherman family’s eerie ranch became Bigelow’s domain, and in 1996, the eccentric millionaire acquired Skinwalker Ranch, transforming it into a research hub for NIDSci.

Skeptics argue Skinwalker Ranch’s paranormal evidence comes mostly from the Shermans, who sold the ranch for an average price, seemingly not driven by profit. Despite NIDSci’s extensive research and funding, they found stories of mysterious creatures and cattle mutilations but lacked groundbreaking evidence. Their expensive equipment often failed, leading to speculation. NIDSci disbanded in 2004, maintaining ownership until 2016 when the property passed to a group facing similar anomalies.

In 2016, Bigelow sold Skinwalker Ranch to Utah real estate mogul Brandon Fugal, who revealed his ownership in 2020 for a reality TV show, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” Fugal, accompanied by a scientific team, aims to unravel the ranch’s mysteries, echoing NIDSci’s past efforts. The show raises questions about electronic malfunctions, unexplained illnesses, and a peculiar figure named Dragon, adding more enigma to the ongoing investigation.

So what’s happening? There are numerous theories about the occurrences at Skinwalker Ranch, and, as you might expect, some of them are quite far-fetched. However, there’s undeniably something happening, so why not hazard a guess? Now, get some rest, reflect on the possibilities, and have a good night’s sleep. I won’t say anything more. Goodnight.

Article by :Sanjeevan Viveganandan | Faculty of Agriculture

Design by : Sahan Koralegedara | Faculty of Science

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