Rugby Pera vs Kalaniya- semi final


Baseball is a game with a heat of passion and style which signify a strong, independent struggle for victory. Referred to as the national pass time of United States, Baseball is closely connected to the US culture and tradition. Running parallel with the individualist social structure of US, the success of a player is determined on how well he can play as an individual and how well the team plays along with him. Baseball is also the only major competitive sport that has no time limit. As an exhausting, strategy game Baseball requires holistic athleticism, mental focus combined with physical agility, perfect hand-eye coordination, stability, balance and strong arms that enable a firm grip.


The baseball matches of the Inter University Games have always been an awe-inspiring event where the Sri Lankan youth showcase their strength and confidence. 2018 Inter University baseball matches were held for 4 days starting from 1st of September at the University of Moratuwa grounds. 11 teams participated in this tournament under 4 groups. Those teams had to battle it out with each other in their respective groups to stay in the top 2 spots of the groups. Kelaniya and Sabaragamuwa from group A, South Eastern University and Colombo University from group B, J’pura and Wayamba from group C, Moratuwa and Ruhuna from group D entered the quarter Finals.


Quarter Finals were held on 3rd day of the tournament. Moratuwa emerged victorious against Colombo in the first quarter final by 11-01. Sabaragamuwa was beaten by J’pura by 15-12 in the 2nd quarter final. In the 3rd quarter Final Kelaniya team confronted Wayamba where they beat them by 13-03. In the Final quarter final, University of Ruhuna won the match against South Eastern University by 15-12.


In a breath taking battle at the semifinals, University of Moratuwa roared with a grand victory hitting on a surprising score of 14 while University of Kelaniya could only score 1 point. In the other semifinal match, University of Sri Jayewardenepura played superbly to capture 13 points, emerging victorious, while University of Ruhuna recorded only 6 points. At the consolation finals, players of University of Kelaniya and University of Ruhuna fought in a heated clash where Kelaniya lads scored 13 points, crowning as second runners up of the tournament, while Ruhuna lads could score only 11 points.


At the finals, the young blood of University of Sri Jayewardenepura and University of Moratuwa fought in a spine-tingling match where University of Moratuwa dazzled the grounds, carving their names onto the headboards as champions. University of Moratuwa secured their spot as the runners up of the tournament.


Perabeats crew congratulate the champions, runners up as well as every player who walked away with a new experience that will undoubtedly colour their sport life.

Article by – Dinisi Wimansika

Edited by – Isuru Akalanka

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