Rugby Pera vs Kalaniya- semi final


Inter University Games have once again paved way for our energetic and passionate rugby players to show off their skills and perseverance in 2018. University of Peradeniya (Defending Champions) and University of Moratuwa have been through to the finals with decisive rounds. The first semifinal match was between University of Peradeniya and University of Kelaniya on the Race Course Grounds on 2nd September 2018. As the first semifinal match of the day, it attracted a great crowd with plenteous cheering for the game. And it was indeed a sharp game as both teams played hard till the end.


Despite the commendable defense of the opponents, players from University of Peradeniya managed to break in to opponents’ terrain and score 10 before the end of the first half. University of Kelaniya missed a Penalty (for a forward pass by University of Peradeniya), which could have been a great encouragement for the team. The defensive line of Pera players aggressively secured their side against the storming opponents, causing the final results of the first half to (10-00), putting University of Peradeniya on the lead. Particularly, Pera players such as Arosha Jayathilake and Lakshitha Ramanayake tremendously contributed to the First half’s lead of university of Peradeniya.


The Second Half commenced with even more assertiveness and determination, and University of Kelaniya challenged Pera players with two successful tries, (one from Bimsara Perera and the other from Chamika Dissanayake) and one successful conversion by Gayan Lasantha. The Defending Champions (University of Peradeniya) gradually developed their game into an aggressive and well coordinated playing. They counter attacked with 3 successful tries (Mevan Ekanayake, Keshan Hasaranga and Sasanka Weerakoon), and two conversions (both by Isuru Herath) which finalized the results of the first semifinal match as 29 points for University of Peradeniya (5 tries and 2 conversions) and 12 points for University of Kelaniya (2 tries and 1 conversion). This qualified the rugby team of University of Peradeniya for the finals.


It is worth noting that University of Moratuwa has also demonstrated muscle and brains during their match against University of Colombo. It took place on the same date (on 2nd September 2018) following the first semi final match. University of Colombo started out quite aggressively while Mora players played defensive during most part of the first half time. They scored the first try (Mayura Ratnasooriya) dominating the score board as (05-00). Chamupathi added the extras. Shorly after, however, Mora players got back to their usual rhythm and responded with trilogy of tries (2 from Sandaru Himanga and 1 from Sachin Nissankarachchi) and one conversion by Anuja Weerakoon. By the end of the first half, University of Moratuwa was leading against University of Colombo as (17-7)


During the 2nd Half Time, University of Colombo scored their next try which made the match even more active than before and neither of the two teams managed to score further till the end of the match. Thus, University of Moratuwa qualified for the finals (17-12), and it is our presumption that the Defending Champions (University of Peradeniya) would have a good game with University of Moratuwa.


Stay tuned to Perabeats for more updates on the upcoming games.

Article by – Isuru Ranaweera

Edited by – Isuru Akalanka

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